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We are pleased to offer you unique remedies for youth and health. The main focus of our work is flower waters. In their effect, they are comparable to the most powerful tonic and restorative agents. They contain significant amounts of water-soluble vitamins and phyto-components. The daily use of floral waters promotes the healing and structuring of aquatic environments of the whole body. Read more about flower waters on the pagesof our magazine. < / p>

All the products we produce are made from carefully selected plant raw materials of the BIO class. This means that the plants used are collected in the most favorable places on our planet, at the best time for harvesting, for example, during flowering, when the amount of nutrients is the highest. Learn more about quality and маркировках. In addition, so that you have more accurate information about each batch, all our products are accompanied by quality certificates.

In the process of production and sale, we adhere to the policy of customer-oriented prices, so we can offer you unique natural remedies for youth and beauty at really affordable cost, including all reasonable costs.

We believe in honest trading principles and are open to cooperation with retail buyers, online stores, natural cosmetics manufacturers and foreign importers.

We will be glad to see you among our regular customers and will make sure that you always find one of the best offers in Russia and in the World when contacting us.

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