Here you will learn about our approach to quality issues, read about the regions of origin, quality certificates, labeling used and shelf life.

All this information will help you form an idea about the quality of our products.

All the products we produce are made from BIO-grade raw materials. This guarantees the preservation of the largest amount of useful substances, which means fast action and high efficiency of application.

Regions of origin

The concentration of useful substances in its composition depends on the place of origin of the raw materials, so we pay attention to the regions of growth or extraction of the tested components and indicate this information in the quality certificates.

The main regions of plant collection used for the production of flower waters and lipsticks are the Republic of Crimea and the Republic of Adygea.


In quality certificates and on labels we use the marking accepted in our company.
BIO is an organic product made from raw materials collected in ecologically clean places of the planet, at the best time for harvesting, for example, during flowering, when the amount of nutrients is the highest.
CRAFT is an inorganic product, mineral and other raw materials obtained in the traditional way, preserving the original useful properties.
RAW is an organic product or raw material produced in compliance with the temperature regime up to +40C.

Quality certificates

A quality passport is a document that contains a description of the main parameters of the product. The quality passport allows you to learn about the components from which the product is made, about the method of obtaining it and other differences between one batch produced from another.

Usually only the manufacturers themselves have this information and rarely share it with customers. However, we are confident that quality certificates will help you to use our funds more effectively both for personal and commercial purposes.

For example, if you see a higher concentration of an essential oil plant in the quality certificate than it was in the last batch and a more recent collection date, you can reduce the proportion of flower water in the future cream, since it will be stronger than the previous one. Quality passports accompany each new batch. Quality certificates are available in product cards on the website and are determined by the batch number on the label.

Shelf life

To date, there are many ways to preserve the purity of air and water environments, but while their use in cosmetic industries will become common practice, it may take a long time.

In our opinion, it is better to prevent the ingress of pathogenic microflora in advance or eliminate it than to suppress it with various additives.

Therefore, we use processing and filtration methods that allow us to 100% exclude the introduction of any artificial or natural preservatives into our products.

Thanks to the use of safe microbiological purity technologies at all stages of production and packaging, our products are stored for a long time without loss of quality and stability.


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