Feminism for the oppression of women

Feminism for the oppression of women

Feminism for the oppression of women

Дмитрий Ардха

Feminism is a modern form of crime that has become legal in most European countries and North America.


What is feminism? It's cowardly to be a woman.

What is the slogan of feminism? We are fighting with ignorant men for their women's rights.

What monstrous stupidity!
A normal man is the first who protects the rights of a woman. It's just a madhouse. Fight with the image that protects you. This is how enemy propaganda works.
But, let's start from the beginning. A woman who is engaged in the struggle with unworthy men spends her life surrounding herself with all the attributes of the problem. There will always be only scoundrels around her, because this is her choice! Just a minute.. How so? It's simple, what are the goals, such is the choice. Set yourself a goal to fight with bad men, yes, of course, there will be a lot of them around. Set yourself a goal to look for worthy people and surround yourself with them. What women's attention is directed to, women's reality is created from that.

By my example, there are simply no unworthy men or women in my environment. And why, is it really because there are no such people in society? Yes, I just delete them from my environment. And there are no extra people, and all the necessary places are free, that's the whole secret.

What else does feminism complain about?The man decides everything, he has taken all the rights for himself. And here we observe the manifestation of childish immaturity in the relationship. A man has such a role, to make decisions related to the life of the family in the outside world. And it is being questioned.

And women are told that they need to make decisions for themselves or at best together. When a woman makes decisions for herself, she lives alone. When a man makes decisions for himself, he lives alone. The two of them have nothing to do in the family. Feminism equates spouses to cohabitants who serve time in one place. But, we know that this is a mistake.

Then it's more interesting. It is impossible for two people to make decisions, because then there is no decision, but there is a tug of responsibility, whose decision is more decisive?

The decision is made by only one person and at the same time, he does it for the whole family. So his task is to make sure that such a decision is favorable for all his loved ones. And is it possible to make a favorable decision by pointing a finger at the sky or saying, because I want it that way? Of course not.

What happens next, when feminism talks about solutions, it portrays a man as a tyrant who decides everything for everyone on a whim. In fact, exactly the opposite is true, a man decides something in the outside world FOR everyone, instead of FOR everyone.

Now a favorite topic of feminism. I'm on my own, where I want to go, how can a man decide for me what my goal in life is?

In order, when relationships are created, people unite to move towards a common goal, to a goal that is equally important for both men and women. If they do not have such a goal in life, or these goals diverge, then they have nothing to do with each other at all.

Next, they get into the car, there are two seats and two different roles, one driver, the other navigator. We have prepared, let's go. Everyone is busy with their own business.  You can't take the steering wheel or the map from each other, the car will crash or at least get up.

They choose their goals together, and everyone makes their own decisions. If they go off course, stop the car, specify the goals and move on.

Saying that a woman can do everything by herself is just as stupid as saying that a man can do everything by himself. There is no such thing in the world that one is completely separate from the other, especially when we are talking about male and female. They create each other, they make up for each other, but look at the propaganda, there are many films or cartoons that depict a strong woman who solves all issues in the outside world and a useless man in the role of a pleasant or stupid complement.

Thus, we see that there is no idea of equality and rights in feminism, as a result, a woman is afraid of being a woman and strives to be the middle sex. In this way, propaganda takes women away from their real strength. So in reality, feminism is aimed at oppressing women themselves.



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