Dmitriy Fedorov

Dmitriy Fedorov

Dmitriy Fedorov

Imagine that next to you there is a man who has devoted many of his lives to the expulsion of entities and the liberation of people from their influence.

In the last life, this man always felt a strong attraction to his work, but could not find a way to Express themselves.

And then one day he met people like him who did what he always dreamed of. Their example inspired him, and since then he began to engage in regressive hypnosis.



without exception, all people face some lessons in their lives. Sometimes they are expressed as diseases, sometimes as failures, in other cases, as undesirable events. But the main thing is that they appear through the result that we are not pleasant, and that we were not able to fix the standard ways.

in many cases, this result is needed by someone else who acts through us. It turns out that we can not control our lives, because we are influenced by an unknown force. However, we once agreed to accept this power, because nothing can happen in our energy space without our subconscious consent. Often this force pervades, using deception, threats, fear and other weakness.

So to get her out, we need to find her in our space, understand how she works, why we gave her our consent, and what channel she came to us (what weakness called her).

After that, we manifest our will by changing the past at the level of thoughts, actions and events to completely remove other people's energy from our space and annul its impact on life.

Yes, we are able to change our past — because it is imprinted in our memory and is completely at our disposal.

the result of hypnosis is entirely yours. What to do with it further depends on you. If you are ready to accept the changes in your life, it will take some time to fix them (one day, a week, three months). In other cases, if the changes are too radical, it takes some work on your life to complete the karmic reaction caused by actions in the past. In this case, you can see the causes and mechanism of what is happening to understand in which direction to move on.

Now the choice is yours. Any choice you make is your way of life. No one has the right to impose something on you, or to make a decision instead of you.


I invite those who want to help themselves - those who want to find answers and solutions in their subconscious. Those who are ready to reveal the causes of failure and find the performers of their will, who received consent, began to use his life for their own purposes.

By establishing a connection between the conscious and subconscious components of the personality, I only help to manifest all this, to find an understandable form. I'm also conducting an investigation to find out the truth. That's my part of the job. Everything else is due to the will of man, because no force can resist his will, being in his energy field.


I don't want to Express My work in a fixed amount. I genuinely like doing what I do. The form and size of gratitude is always at the discretion of the person. All people have different social and financial conditions. That for someone will be too little, for another will be too much. Anyway, to me it is important to perform their work conscientiously, impersonal, not dependent on position.

I Invite you to take a trip to the center of yourself. To experience something that cannot be measured and described in any way, because all these experiences are hidden in You. And who knows what they will be.