Food intended for human

Food intended for human

Food intended for human


Any edible food is suitable for human. Each has its particular impact on the body. The purer the food, the better it works.
Clean - is the health. A health - a state body.

Health is always in bloom. Ill always fades.

On the condition of the body affects only one thing - the food that the body receives.
Any body: large, small, narrow, wide, - getting food, it is intended, will always bloom, as well as getting food not intended always to wilt.

And bloom and decay is different. It depends on the quality of the food. How is pure and less pure food, so it is less messy and dirty.

Living beings are its development by interacting with certain conditions.
Terms defined for interaction reflect the level of development of consciousness and the device body. They point to what and how living beings need to eat. In this frugivorous, carnivorous plant-and can not get food the same way.

Food intended for human

The fruits grow plants, warming warmth of the sun and getting drunk with water the land. Ripe fruit is attractive to your human scent, color, shape and taste. Therefore, the nose, the eyes, the hands and the mouth it is pleasant.
With the help of these people can recognize the intended food to your body. This food, which reached full development. Food is pleasant that four bodies will be enjoyable and body.
Immature fruit will not attract attention because it is not yet ready for a meal.

Nose estimates appeal. Eyes maturity, availability of hand, mouth fullness of food energy.

The plant is interested in the fact that the most nutritious and delicious fruits were found and eaten.
But not every plant is interested in this.

Fruit and vegetable plants

The plant grows fruit for them to be eaten by a living creature and seeds, having passed through his body fell to the ground, where they could give life to a new plant, moved to a new location. So life goes on, spreading everywhere and thrives in favorable conditions.
Between man and his food has a relationship. Fruits are attractive, easily accessible and full of flavor that's why.

Vegetables, fruit is a part of the plant. These fruits of the plant are used for the direct existence and reproduction. Without the help of other creatures.
Therefore vegetables significantly less attractive, little visible, difficult to access and have a repellent or poor taste compared with the actual fruit.
This means that for direct human food, they are not intended.

This vegetable is like a wild, is not subject to selection cucumber, inedible because of the abundance of bitter substances contained in the fruit.
This fruit, like watermelon, the opposite is quite edible and rich in taste.

To grow potatoes, it must constantly be planted. Apple trees do not need it, you need to eat their fruits and seeds to return to the land of recycled pulp.

Breaking the relationship, the conditions for the development of the relationship.

The fruit can be distinguished from vegetable using the tools that man has on nature. Above all, using taste. The taste of the fruit is self-sufficient, rich and varied. Besides taste, there are other features.

Tomatoes are fruits, the taste of ripe fruit, good grades is very rich, attractive color, and the seeds are ready to germinate inside the fruit contains protected by a slippery coating. The plant is interested in eating their fruits.
Cucumbers are vegetables, they taste slightly noticeable, besides the edible seeds of cucumbers not ripen. A ripe seeds capable of bark, can be found only in the over-ripe, sour fruits are not suitable for food. The plant is not necessary to grow delicious fruits that it can jeopardize their existence in vivo. If all the fruits to be eaten, and the seeds will remain that could, would bark.

The most noticeable difference between fruits and vegetables - the taste of the fruit, which shows their interest in eating the plants.


Meat is even more unattractive, inaccessible and unusable as food for human kind, than unattractive, inaccessible and unusable for its food vegetable plants. A person is extremely difficult to eat meat, because they feed on carnivorous creatures in nature.
Therefore, the meat always have a long time to cook. During cooking, living cells die, die proteins changes the structure and the result is a dead product. Furthermore, the taste of meat, even after processing does not become attractive, people use this salt, spices and other additives.
For all carnivorous meat is attractive in its natural form. Because it is for all creatures, he designed the food is good so what it is.
But the worse the product, the more difficult to make it edible. In this sense the secondary preparation: make something edible little or no edible inedible.

Not intended food can not be attractive and pleasant in their natural state for any type of carnivorous or frugivorous phytophagous.

Recycled cooking

Just as nature prepares all living things, man tries to cook is not suitable and unsuitable food. Just how to prepare a ready-made?
Nature is preparing a living, man takes a living out of it and prepare the dead.
So some animals due to the high vulnerability of the body did not carry cooked food.
Man can not improve what is already good, but could do worse than to deceive your taste. With hot fire and boiling water over the sun's heat and moisture of the earth, it becomes a living dead. Such imitation is called the art of cooking.

That fruit is ripe. What will happen to him next? After some time, ripe fruit will begin to decompose. In the cold expansion of its slow, warm accelerate.
Temperature increases the speed. The preparation accelerates decomposition.
On the fire will burn the product, if it is not removed in advance. Combustion is the final stage of decomposition. In this form of it will not take nothing but ashes.
The longer the product is being prepared for the second, the less it is still edible, and the more there is inedible.
And the more unsuitable food, the more serious it is necessary to prepare to make edible.
Secondary cooking, i.e. cooking has finished due to its destruction.
Then the man had enough of those organs and the possibility that he is by nature - the eyes, the hands, the taste and scent. He needs the whole kitchen appliances, and the whole farm with sophisticated devices to make it easier to something that is very difficult to obtain otherwise.

Nature has given man perfect fit. Yet not everyone has learned to use them wisely. Owning it is not enough, it requires skill.


Hand can work very bad, or even refuse, if it is to hold in the melting pot for a while.
Similarly, the food, the boiler has passed, time to die in it, and the body has to spend on it's own life force to digest the resulting product.
Gradually, the body gets most of his life engaged in the revival of food half-dead. A worn and weakened body Name Guests find shelter, and adverse conditions are transferred to them heavier.

The crumbling city people will suffer from many ills. The drought, cold, floods and famine, as well as the criminals who come to loot and destroy.
Not surprisingly, citizens will be bad to do their job, and much less than they could.
Somewhere begin a strike. In some human organs: heart, liver, kidneys over time, will manifest more and more serious violations.
The longer life of food, the better it is for living. Live food protects the living body, and gradually destroys him half dead.

Auxiliary power

Eating fruits of the earth, the person eats the food of his mother. A mother feeds her unborn baby milk to his body strengthened.
The child, far removed from Mother Earth will not be able to get stronger, until it returns again to take her food.
To his return was not too painful at first, it can take advantage of auxiliary food. Milk cows, honey bees or something like that.
The child must be the mother's milk until it is fully grown.
As an adult auxiliary power is only useful for the time being. After that it is a burden to his movement.

By itself, this food is not intended for man, but he is able to bring enough benefits to certain conditions.
The car has filters, purifies and improves the fuel poor. Constantly getting bad fuel filter clogged.
And there is a cleaner to help clean clogged filters, self-cleaning system is not working at full strength. When the self-cleaning system is restored, any cleaner only hinder her work. He will not improve what is already good.
Therefore unwise to try to improve the well-actuated mechanism. It is reasonable to understand the reasons for its failure and eliminate them.


Human consciousness determines how many different devices that it has.
His mind - it is his knowledge about the environment.
How accurate are his knowledge, he is so good to feel.
What kind of knowledge is man?
What are the views prevalent in society, such a piece of knowledge out there and moving, while the other remains misunderstood.

A person can be omnivorous. And animals can be omnivorous. Like being found among people with different levels of consciousness, and among animals.
So some cows will eat the fat, if they give him. Others will not even have grass where it lay.
The body feeds the food consciousness nourish thoughts. As long as the consciousness is bad food, the body, too, will have to eat just anything.
Right thoughts to the mind and the correct food for the body - it is good.


The fruits of various plants differ in their taste. Taste the fruits of one species, grown in good conditions, it is enough to be satisfied. It is in itself complete, and it is impossible to enjoy it, interrupting him taste the taste of other fruits.

This compares with a good piece of music. Playing them simultaneously, not get to enjoy any one product or another.

If the fruit is grown in poor conditions, a matter of a person there is a desire to improve it, mixed with something to make up for the missing flavor. Season with salt and pepper, to sweeten. To add another one to the fruit. And though the food does not perish when mixed, but will not be able to fully assimilate.
Since every living food in the stomach creates suitable conditions for itself, when the stomach gets several types of such food, they interfere with the absorption of each other.
Mixing tomatoes with pineapple, we are likely to get more indigestion in the stomach. Mixing tomatoes with cucumbers, we also get indigestion in the stomach, but perhaps not as noticeable. Anyway, indigestion is not something necessary or enjoyable.
From the music get noise if two melodies to impose on each other.
Each piece of music has a length of each piece of fruit - the taste, sounding in the mouth for some time. Not finishing one play, you should not start to play more.
Even a great essay will not sound nice on the bad instrument, and in a bad performance.


Nature is reasonable, there are no errors. Errors there where something is broken. I am a mistake, seeing them around. Finding them, colliding with them - I see.
As they have in me, and they are all around me, in my work and the environment. Because I have the nature of my body - it's her body. Man transforms the surroundings. Inside and outside. Anyone who has the body of nature.
It can disrupt the body actuated mechanism in nature can break it.
If violations occur in the body of people, and they appear in the body of the nature of their environment.
Hospitals and landfills are interdependent. One appears in the other.
A man accustomed to not care about the purity of his body, quite naturally will not care about the cleanliness of the surrounding.
Civilized people have learned to create the appearance and hide the essence.
Shampoos, ointments, lotions, tablets, all this is intended to hide the dirt tak-that-be it was difficult to find. On the other hand people have learned to reliably hide the garbage, household and industrial waste, burying them in the ground or burning at the plant.
Waste disposal suit outside the city, away from the eyes, and they prefer not to remember, because the person is not nice to look at your mistakes and weaknesses make them easier to conceal than to eliminate.
But this apparent ease. The deeper the disease started in the body, the more difficult to get rid of it.

The further a person moves away from Mother Nature, the less he can understand its purpose, the deeper contradictions arise between them.

Having mastered the many possibilities people did not find happiness, and even more distant from him than ever before. Because it is not in the possibilities of happiness and harmony.
Features naturally follow happiness, but it can not replace.
The strength of complementary knowledge, but knowledge is not.
By itself, the increase in capacity does not mean an increase in harmony.

But to establish harmony with your body, you can install it with all the others. As part of the surrounding body, through the body to perceive the world.
And having the disorder inside around him will observe the same confusion.


Eating from the Mother land intended for food itself, the human body becomes stronger as the child's body is growing on breast milk. During this time, he changes his mind.
Consciousness come to life even in the half-dead body, if applied to this effort. However, the extra complexity of the burden and prevent movement.

This article was prepared for the "House of the Sun" - Journal of the healthy life.
Author: Odin. Date: 15.02.2010. условия использования материалов