Live food, body and mind

Live food, body and mind

Live food, body and mind

This article is intended for a person who is ready and has the desire to independently assess information provided therein. So I tried to explain the most accurate their observations are not trying to prove or highlight them in unnecessary detail. Also, I have avoided severe restrictions, leaving everyone the opportunity to choose the best of his understanding of the most appropriate way for him to power.



Why do I have to cook?

And indeed, what people need to prepare and what to cook?
Meat, cereals, vegetables, prepared to improve their taste.
But why, after all of this in the wild can not be found?
Wild animals eat what they give nature, it does not improve. They do not have the need to improve what is already good.
Carnivores eat living flesh, plant-fresh grass, frugivorous - ripe fruit, and there is no animal that could not have intended him food in its natural form, or such food would be unpleasant to him.
But when one takes initially unsuitable for eating food, he has to cook from it edible. If he takes suitable food, then it is not necessary to cook.
And in the first and in the second case, he takes it from nature.

And as in nature the plant is preparing to fruition?
Fruits ripen, getting the sun's heat and moisture of the earth, and then they find the animal and eats.
Man digs up potatoes, bring to the kitchen, cleans and puts it in a pan of water, then puts the pan on a hot stove, where fresh potatoes become something quite different. Man're not satisfied with what he took from nature.
Then, maybe, he took something wrong?
There is a pig, for example, who would be happy to eat potatoes au naturel. And there are wolves, the same potatoes that will be uninteresting.
Nature took care of every being peculiar. For each it was preparing to live, nice food for him.
But man does not notice, he takes from nature something alive, and once again prepares to give out of it dead. Without thinking, is this food to him or not.
So he makes two strange steps:
ready to cook and eat in turns living dead

An example of the first act - the man collects cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, everything is finely cut, is somewhere in the seeds from which squeezes out the oil, mix, sprinkled with salt, spices and eat.
It is not clear how ready can be improved by preparing a second time, because every being so good on separately.
An example of the second act - a person breaks the zucchini, cut it clears from the seeds, rub the pulp salt chunks coated with a thick layer of sour cream and cheese, sprinkle with chopped mushrooms, tomatoes and puts it all in the oven for 40 minutes, after which it eats.
It is not clear how dead the ability to feed a living organism to supply him with the necessary stamina. Even more, it is not clear how to do and where to live turns into the dead.
A man so accustomed to what is happening in the oven for the 40 minutes that they completely missed out of sight.
He puts it in the oven some kind of tasteless food, forget about it, time goes by, he again says, opens the oven gets something good to eat, taste, and if the taste suits him, remains satisfied, if not satisfied - think about what not reported or shifted. The process of turning completely falls out of focus.
And so he always avoids thinking what is happening with the food in the oven.
But it is important to find out what was happening to her, and then again turn to nature.
This is the fruit ripened on the branch of the plant. What will happen to him next?
After some time, ripe fruit will begin to decompose. Decomposition - it's a natural recycling process that turned into garbage.
If the ambient temperature drops slightly below the normal temperature inside the fruit, the decomposition is slowing down, if it is significantly higher than its decomposition is accelerated.
Being exposed to direct sunlight, ripe fruit quickly deteriorate.
That is, any significant temperature deviation from the internal rate eventually leads to rapid decomposition, burning or freezing.
If direct sunlight the product deteriorates with time, at the plate, where the temperature greatly exceeds the temperature of the sun's rays, it deteriorates quickly. And the longer the product is cooked on the fire, the less there remains the more edible and inedible appears, until everything turns to ashes.
So, with the help of a hot fire and boiling water over the sun's heat and moisture of the earth it becomes a living dead.
While we are talking about edible and inedible. Now on to the utility. After all, not everything that is edible, is beneficial.
Useful what suits your body. And the body in all different in nature, many kinds of living beings. How do they define what it is they gave nature?
If nature gives something, it means doing so that it could take.
Wolves have sharp teeth and claws to produce their food, and a pig snout and hooves have for getting their food.
But imagine: to fox put a piece of meat and a couple of kartoshinu she prefer?
Despite what the fox, but the fox, we consider healthy living in the wild.
Of course, it will pick the meat: in appearance, the smell of the meat would be closer to her.
But if the beast would be endowed with intelligence and asked to choose, and before that he was abused to all life and fed potatoes instead of meat, the animal would have hesitated. Potatoes him familiar, and in appearance and smell, even taste familiar.
But if such a fox is still trying to mouth the potatoes and then try the meat, its sensations point to the last.
Doubts - mostly human trait, as people used to watch the mind, the mind and the smell as they try, the fox is less typical.
The man has his tools, such as the nose, eyes, hands, mouth. With the help of these people can recognize the intended food to your body, but only when it begins to be used for their intended purpose.


What a nice man in a natural way?

Maybe the meat? By meat is meant any living flesh.
Try to bite off a piece of pig's teeth and chew it in your mouth is extremely difficult, and even more difficult to get pleasure from this activity.
While this does not mean that this food is impossible; maybe - but is there any benefit in it?
That is extremely difficult for a person to eat meat as they feed on carnivorous creatures in nature.
And for all carnivorous meat attractive and available in a natural form. What is not surprising, as for any substance designed it so the food is good, it is.
But what in the ordinary sense of man meat? This is not the same as the meat of wild animals.
Meat for the person always have to cook for a long time, and during the preparation of the most valuable and necessary micro-organisms and living tissues at a temperature of more than 38-45 degrees begin to die.
As a result, the meat is obtained from a dead product with altered structure. And even after that taste of the meat does not become attractive, so people use flavor enhancers: salt, spices and other additives. Mixing one product to another in pursuit of the missing flavor.
So, we found out that the meat unpleasant man in its natural form, so it is not intended.
Now consider the cereals. Pretty common food of the people.
Wheat ripens in the ear, each grain coated. Man is difficult to remove them from the hands and clean the ear of prickly hairs. And because the grain size is very small compared with the size of his mouth, he will have to spend a lot of effort to naluschit yourself full of dinner volume.
Such work can be practiced for almost anything, but not to satisfy their taste because the taste of the beans lean, fresh.
Bird, by contrast, is easy to perform such work, and it has on all bases: comfortable beak, a small stomach, grain size, and attractive for her taste.
But the man could sickle to gather the ears of corn, thresh on a rock with their grain, grind the grain at the mill to get flour, which is then kneaded into a cake, add seasoning to collect firewood, melt the stove, take a bowl, put there cake and wait for it ispechёtsya. Of course, it can all, if he already has a sickle, a millstone, oven, dishes, condiments.
And even if something does not, he can take, where already there.
A bird does not need to take anything, it is enough of its beak, stomach, and 30 minutes a day, to be satisfied by using them for other purposes.
Man to stay satisfied, it will take at least 6 hours a day.
And the bird is only 30 minutes to be happy. A man as much as 6 hours to stay happy, because all the time he has to deal with not too interesting and tedious job, only to provide themselves with three meals a day.
So it becomes clear that this food can attract a man in a natural form.
For cereals followed by vegetables.
Man may well dig the tubers, but quickly satiated their taste, the taste because it is pleasant enough. Yes, and the pig will cope with this task better, as her entire body is adapted to the production, use and enjoyment of the taste of this underground vegetable.
So that the vegetables are not a human product desired and intended, but they are closer to him than just the above. For example, vegetables such as cabbage or cucumbers is quite edible, but again often eat them in salads, not in kind.

Since less suitable food harder to eat without cooking, and cooking a meal by itself each time more complicated.
Unable to find a suitable product, we, nevertheless, found reliable methods for its selection.
The most valuable among them is the taste, with the help of a living being can most accurately determine suitable and not suitable food for him, respecting only one condition - without changing the nature of the product is taken from.
In this case, the taste will be given reliable information, since it will be able to assess initial product.

Further fruits of plants are separated by the suitability in food into four types:

● This fruit.
● fruit. . . . . . . . . .
● vegetables. . . . . . . . . .
● This vegetable.

What is the fruit?

The fruits grow plants, warming warmth of the sun and getting drunk breeding ground moisture. Ripe fruit is attractive to your human scent, color, shape and taste. Therefore, the nose, the eyes, the hands and the mouth it is pleasant.
With the help of these people can recognize the intended food to your body. The food, pleasant all four bodies will be enjoyable and body.
Mouth, nose, hands, eyes assess the attractiveness of maturity, fullness of food availability and energy.
For some reason, vegetables are not rich flavor and fruit, on the other hand, contain an abundance of taste?
It depends on the interest of the plants in eating its fruit.
Fruit plants are grown fruit for them to be eaten by a living being, and seeds, having passed through his body, fell to the ground.
The ground seeds can give life to a new plant, moved to a new location. So life goes on, ubiquitous and flourishing in favorable conditions.
Between a man and his relationship with food there. Fruits are attractive, easily accessible and full of flavor that's why. After the plant is interested in the fact that the most nutritious and delicious fruits were found and eaten, and immature, in contrast, did not attract attention because they are not ready either for food or for breeding.
In addition, it is possible that passes through the body, the seeds are configured to work the body and sprouting, provide the most pleasant and helpful for that person off.
But this does not mean that the fruit can not reproduce without assistance.
Unlike fruit, vegetables, plants use the fruits only for independent existence and reproduction.
Therefore, for a person of their fruits significantly less attractive, often subtly, are hard and have a repulsive or poor taste compared with the actual fruit. What can we consider a simple example:
In fact, good tomatoes are real fruit *. The taste of ripe fruit is very rich, saturated color and the seeds are ready to germinate, are contained inside the fruit, protected by a slippery coating.
This plant is grown interested in eating the fruit of them.
* Also eat tomatoes and other varieties that are lost or signs of real fruit, or did not have time to get them, and therefore refer to the fruit.

Cucumbers are vegetables, and their taste slightly noticeable addition, edible seeds of cucumbers do not have time to mature. A ripe seeds can germinate, can be found only in the yellowed, acidic and soft fruit unfit for food.
This plant is not necessary to grow delicious fruit, otherwise it may endanger its existence in the wild. If all the fruits to be eaten, and the seeds will remain that could germinate.
Simply put, eating fruit, we help their dissemination.
And animals, eating vegetables, on the contrary, to limit their spread, as the carnivorous limit the spread rasteniyadnyh.
In violation of the conditions for the relationship of interdependence.
Eating apples, enough to return the recycled pulp with seeds in the ground, so that the plant continues to multiply under favorable conditions.
And eating a potato, we have to make sure that any fruit left for germination.
That is, a person consuming potatoes in a very large volume, will not be enough a few randomly sprouted fruit. Pigs do not eat only potatoes, and therefore can not eat it in large volumes, thereby putting in jeopardy the survival of the species. In nature potatoes neighbors with many other plants, edible pigs, and in the garden that can not be found.
The above can be summarized in the following table:
-Pomidor, Raised for myself and the person. (This fruit.)
-------------------------------------------------- ----------
-Pomidor Growing for themselves and the animals. (Fruit.)
-------------------------------------------------- ----------
-Ogurets Who grew thanks man. (Vegetable.)
-------------------------------------------------- ----------
- * Cucumber, growing for himself. (This vegetable.)
* There is a view of a wild cucumber, fruits are small in size and are inedible due to the abundance of bitter substances.
The richness of taste differs from a simple fruit of the fruit. And edible or inedible - a simple vegetable otnastoyaschego vegetable. Perhaps there are transitional types, from vegetables to fruit.

How to use the taste?

Nature has given man perfect fit for a full life, but still not everyone has learned to use them wisely. One of such important tools is the taste. Possession of a sense of taste is not enough, you need to learn how to use it.
What happens if a person does not use for its intended purpose those bodies and the opportunities that it has from birth?
Then he needs a whole kitchen appliances, and the whole farm with complex technical devices, because without help it will not cope.
Use reasonable taste - so be attentive to it.
The fruits of various plants differ in their taste.
Fruits of the appropriate species and one variety grown in good conditions, it is enough to satiate their taste. This fruit of itself a full, rich variety of flavors. It is impossible to enjoy tomatoes, interrupting him alone inherent flavor flavor even if it is a close variety.

This compares with a good piece of music. Playing them simultaneously, not get to enjoy any one product or another.

If the fruit is grown in poor conditions, a matter of a person there is a desire to improve it, mixed with something to make up for the missing flavor. Season with salt and pepper, to sweeten. To add another one to the fruit. And though the food does not perish when mixed, but will not be able to fully assimilate.
Since every living food in the stomach creates suitable conditions for itself, then, when the stomach gets several types of such food, they interfere with the absorption of each other.
Mixing tomatoes with pineapple, we are likely to get more indigestion in the stomach. Mixing tomatoes with cucumbers, we also get indigestion in the stomach, but perhaps not as noticeable. Anyway, indigestion is not something necessary or enjoyable.
From the music get noise if two melodies to impose on each other.
Each piece of music has a length of each piece of fruit - the taste, sounding in the mouth for some time. Not finishing one play, you should not start to play more.
Even a great essay will not sound nice on the bad instrument, and in a bad performance.
Besides the tool and artist, is important listener, able to appreciate the beautiful music.
Listener - a body that is getting used to the food of the dead, it is a poor listener. And the body requires an effort to re-embrace the beautiful music.

When the body becomes bad listener, and what does this mean?

The body does not hear good music, and listening to a poor start, which quickly becomes accustomed to.
For example here is better to go into the forest and the trees look half dead. Their trunks are a refuge for the ants, wood rot and splits open to pests and adverse conditions.
The same happens with the body when it gets dead food.
The body has to spend it on their own life force to digest the resulting product. Gradually, the body gets most of his life engaged in the revival of the dead food. As withering worse working bodies of the man and his body is aging rapidly, becoming lethargic and helplessness.

How felled tree will lie in the ground, until finally rot?
It is much less than would stay alive. After all rot in the ground and reach for the sun - not the same thing.
The more life in the food, the better it is for living creatures. Since the live food protects the living body.
Due to her health is always in bloom.
Flowering in his youth - so flexible, blooms in adulthood - so strong and blooms in old age - so balanced.

In every age the body is enclosed special meaning.
But the patient is always fades.
Wilt in his youth - so weak, fades at maturity - so tired and wither in old age - so weak.
Comparing balanced and weakness, we compare matured and nosy body.
And bloom and wilt expressed differently. It depends on the quality of the resulting food.
How is pure and less pure food, so it is less messy and dirty.

Clean and dirty food.

Food - a living, and it gives new life. Dirty food - dead, it interferes with life.

This can be explained clearly in the following way:
That machine. During the combustion of fuel in the engine gets its energy. To protect the motor in the machine is equipped with filters to refine and purify the bad fuel.
The faster the filters clogged, the sooner the mechanism stops, as if the engine would be bad fuel, from which it will be impossible to extract the energy to continue.
Only a full, clean fuel no need to clean or improve. Therefore, it allows the machine to serve their full life span.
After all, if the machine stops due to an accident, the engineer again need a similar mechanism to complete its work.
Food intended for human nature. And it allows a person to be in harmony with nature, and it means - to be free, without bearing the burden of worry-free.
Net food - fruits, because they contain the seed, which is able to give birth to a new life. And if there is life to us through the new plant, the new life can emerge and our body.
Less Food is divided by quality:
-ovoschi, mushrooms, nuts, who continue living body, being alive.
-moloko, honey, that preserve the life of the body, thanks to that obtained from living beings.
Although the food is not designed for humans, and can not make it free itself, but still able to be useful in certain circumstances.
As the child must be the mother's milk until it is fully grown, as an adult, and auxiliary power is only useful for the time being, then it is a burden to his movement.
How to present it?
In the car, which we have already discussed, there are filters, cleaning and improves fuel poor. Constantly getting bad fuel filter clogged.
And there is a cleaner to help clean clogged filters, self-cleaning system is not working at full strength. Once this happens, any cleaner only hinder her work.
He will not improve what has already been improved. There is no need to continue to adjust finely tuned mechanism.
Settings are connected not only with the body and mind should be adjusted, otherwise it will not be able to accept more profound changes.

What determines the choice of food, or how to begin the change?

Food choice depends on consciousness.
The consciousness of man - is his knowledge about the environment.
How accurate are his knowledge, he is so good to feel.
As long as the consciousness is bad food, the body, too, will have to eat just anything.
The body feeds the food consciousness nourish thoughts.
Right thoughts to the mind and the correct food for the body - it is good.
Pets are not an exception. Like humans, they can feed not intended for food themselves, because the levels of consciousness among animals as different.
An example of this, some cows that eat the fat, if it lay in front of them. And other cows, who will not even have grass where it lay bacon.
Any choice that does not match the natural conditions in the future will generate a lot of controversy with the outside device.

Nature arranged reasonably, you can take her gifts, but you can refuse them.
Both affect the inner nature of man.
Even furthermore, it is reflected outwards. After the hospital in the city and outside the city dump - a manifestation of the same misunderstanding.
Just look at how well today the development of medicine, and how seriously lagged behind the development of the quality of its food intake.
Visibility is exposed on the show, and thus hidden essence.
Such an approach does not lead to a cure, and leads to the aggravation of the disease.
For some reason, people do not understand that it makes no sense to clean the surface of the body, while its interior is contaminated.
He does not understand what to look for the best way to hide the garbage bezsmyslenno until you find a way to produce it.
It breaks the link between the manifestation and its cause.
It turns out that there is a manifestation of itself, reason itself.
The body itself, the food itself.
And then it does not matter what kind of body - any food he will approach. And this is a mistake, because of which the body depends on the kind of food he needs.

Accustomed to conceal mistakes than to eliminate. This is the attitude that defines the approach and experience possible thanks to this approach.
While the whole experience of modern man - it is an experience of confusion of his body, from birth to the present.
Where are the stinking excrement, rotting teeth?
The human body is not perfect, the ideal is impossible, and it is so. But this is so - for this man, in the border of his experience and his approach. With inside discord around them, too, will see the confusion.
Changing the approach changes and experience, and hence the possibility of the body. Then the ideal is like a well-regulated state.
Errors always occur where there is a violation.
This is so important that it is worth repeating again - the error occur where there are violations.
Manifest error - so look for violations.
Unfavorable environment - not complied with the conditions suitable for this environment.
The attitude is changing with the advent of understanding.
Understanding - this knowledge that I took.
The level of understanding defines the approach to the issue:
1 I decide it.
2 seems to decide it.
3 try to solve it.

The solution there is to stick to the chosen approach, when it is difficult.

The first approach ensures the final decision, without hesitation, and reliable follow as planned.
The second or third approach burdens following the plan, increasing the likelihood of deviations.
It is not enough confidence - to improve knowledge.
And another satellite changes, which have to meet - it's fear.
Suppose I am afraid of death. I'm something I'm scared and frightened.
Then I begin to protect themselves from danger, hiding behind high walls, hire security, but do not be afraid to stop and simply drowns out the fear. I say that my death is impossible, and the fear subsides.
But shortly before the fear of imminent death wakes up again. Even when a person is faced with the inevitability of death, fear of not thinking to leave. Since man can not quite accept the possibility of death.
Since he overcome fear?
It is enough to accept it, accept the possibility of death, imagine yourself already dead. And the fear go away.
Free from fear, we no longer flows to surround yourself, do not clamp.
More knowledge and capabilities. This is reflected in the sensitivity.

Features of consciousness.

Half-dead person is different from living a limited sense.
For comparison - wondered why people eat with spoons, knives are and how it affects their lips, hands, perception?
No wonder, because the answer is obvious. Mom said to eat with a spoon,
- "It is comfortable and nice."
"But I was not comfortable and pleasant to eat with a spoon is not," - said the child.
"No matter what you nice and comfortable, you're stupid, it should be convenient and pleasant to me, and everyone else around you," - said the mother, and more of it did not say.
Indeed, in a world where the child would live, eat seems so comfortable and pleasant. But this is a lie, people do not have tried otherwise. Sometimes they did not work as it should have, and this advance is considered a bad result, though, because it will look bad on you.
They have tried different ..
How much his lips and hands miss those pleasant feelings, all my life putting food in your mouth with a fork or spoon, avoiding the lips, not touching your hands to the food.
And what sorts of devices in humans to limit yourself in the sensations which only cutlery not invented for this purpose.
Strange disgust ..
How many bright bodily sensations that you eat fruit, using his hands and lips to the destination.
Hands to take, hold, crush, trays, mouth - to lick, suck, suck up the liquid.
Limitations in some senses a person is extremely difficult to control his body.
How does it affect his knowledge about the environment?
To earn the Energy Centre, responsible for, say, clairvoyance, it is enough to feel the body realizes that you need it.
But if a person does not need a sense of reserve, if he is afraid to meet them, then how can he tell them his body?
He does not know the language, his speech slurred, the body does not know what he should do, and often does not understand who to contact.
Eating food intended for yourself, your body gets stronger as the child's body is growing on breast milk. During this time stronger and his mind.

This article was prepared for the "House of the Sun" - Journal of the healthy life.
Author: Odin. Date: 01.09.2009. terms of use materials