Wholesale buyers

Wholesale buyers

Wholesale buyers

Beginning of work

Learn the wholesale prices and conditions of cooperation
You can always send us a completed:
«Form application»


For wholesale buyers, we offer the following working conditions:

- Minimum wholesale order: $ 24 000;
- 100% Prepayment
- delivery to TC PEK or other TK;
- delivery Time is 14 days.
- cash and non-Cash;
- Privileges on results of cooperation;
- current level of service;
- the products have all permits;

Get Acquainted with our approach, You can visit - rules



- Products are of export quality;
- High level of manual work;
- Unique range - we do what no one else does;


- Colorful labels;
- well thought-out descriptions and art photography (including on a white background);
- Probes products;
- Leaflets for each product (in development);
- Video product reviews (in development);
- Opinions;

- Durable packing: tight seals on the threads, protective tape, glossy label against moisture;
- All goods prepared for transport and shipping;
- Guarantee in the carriage;

- a Convenient order form is always at hand;
- Clear overhead with a history of supply and turnover by months;
- Advice on the sale, use and storage;
- the csv Files for import of goods on the website and in the accounting system;
- Sync with our database - always up to date descriptions and photos in Your store in 5 minutes per month;

- loyal customers we offer work prepared us, "delivery"

Read more about us read here.
To see wholesale prices and place an order You can always send us a completed application form at the end of the page.

Dear wholesale buyers, if You are ready to:
- place orders in advance,
- to buy products with stock
- 100% Deposit payment 2 months prior to delivery,
- and look forward to long term cooperation

then we can easily understand each other and develop the optimal solution for a mutually successful work!

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