About us

About us

About us

"SunHome" - a family workshop. A responsible approach to their work, which is based on family values, reliable relationships and care about the person, our distinguishing feature.


"SunHome" - a family workshop. A responsible approach to their work, which is based on family values, reliable relationships and care about the person, our distinguishing feature.

Our products are designed to help preserve and increase the beauty of your inner world, to restore and improve health, relieve fatigue and regain the joy of life.

Today we produce:
- oils and fruit waters,
floral perfume,
- Macerata (oils from herbs and plants),
- cosmetics,
- hygienically funds
- natural Soaps,
- rare essential oils,
As well as supplying high quality:
components for natural cosmetics
- base, precious and rare oils,
floral wax, resins and extracts,
- these essential oils
French clay,
- healthy food
- Himalayan salt and sugar,
- natural spices (from India and Iran),
- the magic of dried fruit (without chemical. processing),
- and other products..
In addition, in its solar vegetaria develop year-round cultivation vysokooktanovyh saturated with nutrients:
- fruits, berries,
- vegetables, herbs,
- flowers and herbs.
Using only organic compost, mulch, well water and sunlight.

We create the tools for beauty and health and strive to ensure that they have an impact not only on the body but on the man himself - helping him to acquire the inner beauty and health! This idea we are investing in the products and in its advertising, highlighting such valuable qualities as:
- morality
- dignity
- sincerity
- loyalty
and other, similar manifestations of the human spirit that do the main themes of his works.

We appreciate manual work and people who do it, use natural materials and components, care about the beauty of packaging and the good descriptions, conduct a full pre-sale preparation. Thus our products remain affordable and attractive for both wholesale and retail customers.

At the heart of our work are self-study a healthy diet (different systems and rules), gathering information and assessing the safety of food and cosmetic ingredients. Since we are interested almost the result of your work, we carefully approach this issue and share with You my findings. For this purpose we develop and lay out in free access: the quality of passports, security credentials, information about the content of pesticides, and other valuable materials.

Many years working in the market we have learned not only to sell and to find interesting solutions, but the important thing is to do sincerely what we like and to draw in inspiration. Thus are born the scents of our spirits and there are new compositions and formulations.

What else to tell you about us?

Probably the most important thing is that we are family. We try to be each other's support and source of joy and inspiration. We create around itself a World in which the Sun shines to everyone who looks here. And in this we see its purpose. For this reason, we are called not just to the company, and of the workshop "house of the Sun".

Another reason is that we have a dream. We dream to live on your land, with your loved ones, friends and associates. Want to plant a large orchard, to build a house of Adobe, all year round to grow vegetables and fruit, flowers and rare plants under the roof and spacious biovegetal to continue to help people become healthy, beautiful and happy. Amazing, isn't it – in the winter to harvest ripe tomatoes and sweet plums, or inhale the scent of roses and lilac? On pages of our site we will tell you more about it.

Many years ago on the background of a healthy diet we had no idea how to use synthetic remedies from the store, but when I realized that the beauty and health we like most of all - natural cosmetics and hygiene from a personal need turned into a rapidly growing company.

Our business, we hope will become an example of how a man can live free, full of life, and what he's really capable of when its purpose!

We invite You to our workshop..

SunHome - family workshop