Himalayan salt-crystal (manual production) 250g

Himalayan salt-crystal (manual production) 250g

Himalayan salt-crystal (manual production) 250g

Himalayan pink salt, brought from Pakistan - a tasty and easy product for the body.

Buy natural Himalayan salt-crystal (manual production) with high beneficial properties you can in our online store delivered to Europe, the United States and around the world. We can offer excellent quality products and best prices.



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Himalayan pink salt is mined by hand in the mountains of the Himalayas in India and Pakistan. This is a unique mineral that his age has 250 million years. Due to the special crystal lattice Himalayan salt stores and stores in itself an amazing amount of information. All that she had seen since birth and up to date, recorded in its memory and is now available to us. The oldest natural composition gives Himalayan pink salt special healing properties. Even hard to compare it to some other, artificial salt that evaporated from sea water at high temperatures (like the sea), or obtained in the course of a chemical reaction (as sodium).

Benefits of Himalayan salt is obvious: carrying a more than 87 elements (consisting of common salt are only 2-3.), Including: natural form of sodium, it almost does not retain water in the tissues of the human body, and therefore does not lead to edema and easy to digest, making food soft, delicate taste.

Through a natural process for the preparation and the unique composition of Himalayan salt retained in the body 5-6 times less water in comparison with the sea salt. In connection with this important feature of many raw foodists try black or pink Himalayan salt, completely eliminate from your diet sea salt. After all, the difference is noticeable at once - not infrequently from the sea, and even more so from the salt in the morning noticeably swollen limbs, or while eating slightly numb tongue. Himalayan table salt completely relieve you of this side effect.

Realizing the importance of using safe salt in the diet, we have tried to make it the most affordable cost, so you can buy pink Himalayan salt in small or in bulk packages.

Our salt is mined by hand in the Himalayas, the crystals are beautiful, clean, clear. Therefore, its cost is higher salt obtained by industrial methods using dynamite. The explosion is very strong heating of the crystals, which are destroyed by not only stones, but also a variety of trace elements. In addition, the crystals of the salt can be found characteristic black spots.

Some manufacturers to more attractive stained sea salt in a bright pink and sell it under the guise of the Himalayas. To distinguish a fake is not so difficult if to pour a glass of water dyed crystals of salt, water turbid and acquire a reddish tinge, they themselves will become crystal clear. This Himalayan pink salt water does not stain, what you can see by the example of our salt.

Salt has a unique property to absorb, transmit and store information. Perhaps, therefore, salty taste soothes, relieves stress. And having put a bag of Himalayan salt to the sore spot (or by pouring pile in the open area of the body), you will soon notice that the pain will ease or even pass.

Himalayan pink salt food is the easiest for the body kind of Himalayan salt. In contrast to the black (dark) salt has a neutral flavor and a subtle salty taste. Its crystals have a pinkish hue, which virtually disappears when smalyvanii.

Seeing that Himalayan pink salt crystals for sale, you can ask questions about how to use them for food. We would like to answer it: crystal salt is readily amenable to grinding mills, ordinary coffee grinder or blender. To do this, fill it in small portions, it is better to use a nozzle with a flat edge. During grinding shake blender to provide evenly grinding.

Another way to use salt - crystals can pour into a mug and fill them with water, and then thoroughly mixed and the resulting liquid salt food. Store the solution with salt for a long time, eventually evaporates, so you can do it with a stock for a few weeks. In this way, not only is convenient to pickle salads, but also reduce daily salt intake because salt is dissolved in water makes a salty taste more pronounced.

Recently Himalayan salt commonly used in the bath. The fine salt crystals can be applied to steamed out skin (avoiding the face and neck) and carry out a soft massage, which cleanse the skin of toxins and dead skin cells, nourish its minerals will tonic and firming effect. K salt in this case is good to add honey, clay or natural vegetable oil.

And you can just pour the crystals on a hot stove. Himalayan salt will give the healing properties of the air in the steam room: saturate it with negative ions of salt and create a microclimate similar to the sea, which is very useful in diseases of the respiratory tract (bronchitis, sinusitis and even asthma). Without exaggeration, we can say that the bath becomes a real health resort, if it is present Himalayan salt. And, as with any drug, read the contraindications and comply with the measure. And if you have a serious illness, consult with an experienced physician. Then Himalayan pink salt will bring you only benefits.

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Ingredients: Himalayan pink salt crystal handmade production, 100%

Shelf life: geological age of the salt is already 200 million years, so shelf life is not limited to :)